Before I go off on another fashion rant to you my loyal phatsionistas I would like to extend my humble apologies for my overdue posts but as you may have heard it many times before good things only come to those who wait and so I have no choice but to deliver. The year 2012 has had its fair share of changes the MTN SAMAs topping that very short list.This year SABC1 delivered a qualty show with critics comparing it to the Grammys which I highly contest considering a few lacking factors nevertheless it was of a world class quality .The famous braced the yellow carpet with the ever elegant Bonang Matheba hostingas I comfortably and yet stylishly eyed my tv screen I was afterall in my uggs and pjs and few notable fashion statements were made clearly not only by me. I could start by boring you with the monotonous’ who are you wearing?” load or jump right to the part about how a curvy bombshell stole everyone’s thunder her name Minnie Dlamini in a gorgeous white number by designer Asanda Madyibi who also dressed Unathi Msengana and Zonke Dikana .The colour white is expected to be a successsful trend next season and I leave it in the hands of the fashion capable to deliver succcesful as that of Minnie and Asanda. Over all the night was filled with attire that oozed style with many especially men surprising me with their amazing choices.

Image courtesy @MinnieDlamini

About thephatsionista

I am a first year fashion student at LISOF and I am hoping to become a jack of all trades in the industry, by the time the clock finally hits graduation. I am genuinely very shy and that is where my vivacious alter-ego steps in however I don't want my followers to misunderstand who thephatsionista is. She is the kind of girl most love to hate because she is what I call a "fashion reject" but has the confidence of a super model. She may squeeze into to her favorite pair of jeans from time to time or have to fold them at the ankles to make them fit but when she does, it is fashionably so. My girly tendencies might annoy my "macho" male followers but I promise to be as accommodating as possible. Lastly I believe if you love fashion or just haven't figured it out then we have something in common so why not explore it?

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